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  /  Politics   /  According to police the St George’s flag is ‘imperialistic’

According to police the St George’s flag is ‘imperialistic’

Police have urged England fans heading to the World Cup in Russia not to display St George’s flags because it could be seen as “imperialistic” and “antagonistic”.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, the head of football policing, said the flags were the trophies of choice for hooligans from rival countries.

 The warning comes after Russian hooligans attacked England fans in 2016 and posted pictures of “captured” St George’s flags.

Supporters travelling to host cities such as Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad, have also been warned to be “culturally aware” and not provoke locals by singing antagonising songs.

 Up to 10,000 England fans are expected to travel to the country next month but demand for tickets is lower than previous tournaments, with only one of England’s Group G games selling out its FA allocation so far.

Deputy Chief Constable Roberts said thousands of Russian officers, who are routinely armed, will be deployed on match days as part of a huge security operation.

 “As you approach the stadiums there is an overwhelming presence and I think the chances of disorder in any of those environments is pretty remote,” he said.