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  /  Politics   /  Boris Johnson Urges Hardliners to Lay Off Theresa May
Boris Johnson Tells MPs to Lay off PM

Boris Johnson Urges Hardliners to Lay Off Theresa May

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has delivered rebuke to his leave-backing colleagues, telling them that they need to ‘lay off’ Theresa May.

In what is being viewed as a u-turn by the leader of the Leave campaign, Mr Johnson has told rebel colleagues that they need to give Mrs May ‘time and space’ rather than concocting a ‘backstop plan’ to remove her.

The Sunday Times reported that a group of hard-Brexit MPs are preparing a coup against Theresa May that would trigger an unscheduled snap election in October. They are unhappy with what Mr Johnson labelled as the ‘backstop’ plan, which is a proposal for leaving the EU  that will keep the UK closely aligned with Europe’s customs union.

The plan has been devised as an alternative proposal to the EU’s suggestion that Northern Ireland should remain in the customs union if the border wrangle cannot be solved.

Boris and Theresa

Boris Johnson has told his colleagues that Theresa May ‘needs time’ to deliver a Brexit Deal

But Brexiteers have argued that such a trade framework that would require Britain to follow many European laws. Hence the Foreign Secretary, who is currently on a diplomatic tour of South America, has stepped in to say that he is convinced the Prime Minister will be “true to her promises” and deliver a Brexit deal that would allow Britain to create trade deals with the rest of the world.

Striking a more practical and pragmatic tone, Mr Johnson said that it’s time to focus on getting a deal with the EU and she is determined to deliver it. He said it is time that the focus now needs to be on helping her get there:

“We must now give the Prime Minister time and space to negotiate this Brexit vision.”

The news will be welcome to Mrs May who has struggled to unify her Cabinet over the Brexit vision but now seems to be making progress on the deal the UK will strike with the EU after Brexit.