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Boss Juncker attacks striking EU employees

President of the powerful European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker has attacked those EU Parliament workers who dared to disrupt him in the Chamber.

Juncker known to be arrogant, and not a fan of being interrupted made the outburst on Tuesday.

The European Parliament’s dedicated interpreters are taking strike action against their poor working hours – with some brave Members of European Parliament supporting them.

The MEPs took to blocking work to repair the microphone system in the chamber, to show solidarity with strikers.

After waiting just half an hour, their boss Juncker raged in the Parliament that they wouldn’t have done this if Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron were present.

The President (Speaker) of the Parliament said MEPs were “acting as if they were trade unionists.” – something they should be proud of, supporting workers against poor conditions.

Such sarcastic verballing by the President will not be ignored by the strikers.