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Brexit’s success or failure will be down to us

It may seem like several lifetimes ago now, but two summers past, the people voted to leave the EU in the greatest democratic exercise this country has ever seen.

The preceding period has been undignified, chaotic, aggressive, tedious and boring.

The most sober prediction is that some areas will see great success, others will feel the effects of leaving the EU.

For instance, if a satisfactory deal is not agreed, then car manufacturers will be in trouble.  This is because the industry is so reliant on many smaller parts traveling across the continent; something which will cost more once we leave the customs union.

Immigration, lawmaking and policy will all be better post-Brexit, simply because politicians will have nobody other than the British electorate to impress, with thousands of layers of bureaucracy stripped away in an instance.

Or, maybe not.

The car industry could do better outside of the EU.  Successive governments could screw up immigration policy and subsequent targets; our new laws may not be fit for purpose.

We don’t know.  Elitist remainers in London who despise the predominantly non-metropolitan, working classes  who brought Brexit about, will be gunning for the nations failure if only to preach ever more fervently than before that these idiots should be barred from the democratic process.

Similarly, the kind of Brexit fan who wants the empire to return, will jump on any positive news, no matter the link to Brexit and proclaim that we ‘done it’ without the need of t’them foreigners.’

Success or failure, it will come down to us.

For the first time in two generations, the UK will have to stand on its feet and fight to become relevant once more.

Remain or Brexit, we decide what path the future of Britain will take.