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Civil Service ‘working on remaining in Customs Union’

The UK Civil Service is hiring a new Business Support Manager in a bid to aid with the UK’s transition from the European Union.

A bullet point outlining one of the key areas of responsibility” gives away that the department is developing policy about membership of the Customs Union

“Customs Union: with G7 support, leading BEAT’s [Business Environment Advisory Team] engagement with those developing the policy about the UK’s membership of the Customs Union, as it develops.”

Trade Secretary Liam Fox has consistently said that “no form of customs union is acceptable after Brexit” and that membership of one would constitute “a complete sell-out of Britain’s national interests.”

The news comes a day after Tory rebels published a letter damning May’s Chequers deal, claiming it keeps the UK tied to the EU in all but name.

A spokesperson for the rebels said: ”The White Paper does not ‘respect the result of the referendum’ and does not give us control of our borders, laws and money. Ultimately everything depends on our democratic self-government.

”This means making all our laws, political and economic, in our sovereign parliament and adjudicating and interpreting them in our courts – as the Prime Minister proposed in her Lancaster House speech of January 2017. Tragically, this is not where we are now.”