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  /  Politics   /  Ego, Money and Data: Working Class Interests Lost in the Fight for a Second Referendum
Tensions in the Second Ref Camp

Ego, Money and Data: Working Class Interests Lost in the Fight for a Second Referendum

Infighting, bitterness and fights about money; it sounds like a soap opera about wealthy teenagers. But it aptly summarises the division between the different camps fighting for a second EU referendum.

The Business Insider has uncovered the tension within the campaign for a second referendum, publishing an article yesterday that shows that “It’s data vs money, with a dollop of ego, all masquerading as a row about policy.”

The two groups, Best for Britain and Open Britain, although virtually identical in their missions, have fundamental differences. Best for Britain for example, despite being backed by the billionaire George Soros, sees itself as a grassroots organisation. Open Britain however, is more intent on working with the politicians but not allowing them to dictate the agenda.

Both organisations are very well-resourced and boast among their ranks a range of financial backers, high-profile MPs, staff from Westminster, former government advisers and press officers.

Yet neither side will ever merge with the other despite the fact that Open Britain holds significant data from the official Remain campaign and Best for Britain is being injected with hundreds of millions of pounds from its powerful backers.

This goes to the root of the problem for the entire remain side. They are not interested in their overall and fundamental goal, they are only interested in their egos. Say for example, a second referendum were to be called; neither side would be likely to give the other credit, they would claim it as a victory for themselves, pat themselves on the back and insist this is a good result for the working people of Britain.

However, what they fundamentally fail to understand is that the working people of Britain aren’t interested in their petty games. The working people of Britain have accepted that there was a referendum, that we voted to leave and it’s now time to make the best out of it.

Haven’t we had enough of being told what to think and do by billionaires and politicians?

If these groups truly were concerned with the welfare of the working classes, they would accept the result of the referendum and pragmatically work out how to help the working classes who they claim will be most adversely impacted. But they struggle to do this because at the end of the day, both groups know that continued membership of the European Union is best for big business. With the UK outside, living as a free, independent country able to make laws via directly elected constituency MPs in the House of Commons, their lives and the jobs of their globalist friends suddenly become a lot harder and they have been struggling to come to terms with this ever since the referendum in 2016.

These groups are no better than the Tories, who have presented a plan for Brexit that leaves us half-way in and half-way out of the EU, as a way to appease big business. We are tired of the infighting, get on with it and deliver the full Brexit that this country voted for, rather than focussing on individual gain.