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Theresa May

Government Communicates Brexit Strategy in Series of Speeches

A series of speeches by leading members of Theresa May’s Cabinet will take place over the next three weeks as the Government puts “meat on the bones” of the Brexit debate.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox – the three leading Cabinet Brexiteers – will all give key note speeches on the UK’s EU withdrawal stance. The Foreign Secretary will launch the Brexit blitz on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, with a call for unity over Brexit and to reach out to people who voted remain the referendum. The Prime Minister will then deliver a major speech on post-Brexit UK-EU security in Germany on Saturday, after an away day with her senior Cabinet ministers. This will be followed by Dr Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary who will discuss “trading with the world” and then David Davis is set to talk on “driving higher standards.” The final speech will come from leading remainer, David Lidington, who will speak on “devolving powers” to the regions after Britain leaves the EU.

The PR blitz is being seen as an attempt to try and set the tone in the run-up to another round of negotiations with Brussels over a transition deal. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier pointedly complained last week that there were still ‘problems’ in Brussels ‘understanding the position of the British Government’. The Government is determined to counter this position and is set to provide a directions for future negotiations.