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John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MPs call for party conference vote on second Brexit referendum

Jeremy Corbyn faced a growing revolt over Brexit today as Labour MPs and activists stepped up demands for a party conference vote on whether to back a second referendum.

The call was galvanised by a national poll claiming 63 per cent of party members want a vote on whether to accept the final terms of Theresa May’s negotiations with the EU or stay in the EU.

Only eight per cent were against the idea, according to the YouGov survey commissioned by the People’s Vote group which was set up by opponents of Brexit.

Mr Corbyn now faces a showdown ahead of conference where activists and some trade unions are pressing to be allowed a full debate and a binding vote on policy.  Around 130 constituency Labour branches are backing a motion penned by Labour for People’s Vote.

Ilford North Labour MP Wes Streeting said Labour could not continue to fudge its stance on Brexit and offering a referendum would unite the public. “Labour needs a proper debate on our Brexit policy because a lot has changed since last year’s party conference,” he said.