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  /  Politics   /  Labour’s biggest union now says it’s ‘open to second referendum’
John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s biggest union now says it’s ‘open to second referendum’

Well, yesterday Unite – the money behind Labour, decided they were against another referendum, instead urging the party to get on with it.

Now they’re ‘open’ to the possibility of a second go.

In a 1,000 word statement, the party explained the decision:

The current Tory’s government’s abysmal handling of the process has made the prospect of a cliff-edge, no deal, Brexit a genuine possibility.  

From manufacturing to finance, services and transport, a cliff-edge Brexit would jeopardise the livelihood of millions of working people and must be avoided at all costs. Unite has lobbied for and welcomed amendments to the Withdrawal Bill which secured a meaningful vote for Parliament to avoid this outcome, and will continue to work for such a process. 

However, it remains highly unlikely that the final EU-UK Brexit deal due to come to parliament in the autumn 2018 will satisfy the criteria that Unite and the wider labour movement, including the Labour front bench with its six tests which must be met, have set. 

At such a moment Unite will mobilise against the deal.’

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.