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Mamma Mia! Eataly is Coming to London!

The International Food Hall Brand, Eataly has announced that it is coming to Broadgate in 2020.

The company currently operates Italian food “marketplaces,” which combine retail and restaurant concessions, in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles, as well as in Japan and Brazil.

Eataly will add to the restaurant and bar offering that has been instated over the past two years at Broadgate, bringing, they say, “many opportunities to learn about Italian food and culture though courses, guided tastings, demonstrations and special events.”

The Eataly empire was founded by entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti in Turin, northern Italy, in 2004. The company now operates 35 food halls across the world, including in Tokyo, São Paulo and a flagship site (one of two) in New York City. Eataly’s most recent megasite opened in LA; rumours then circulated that the company was planning to go public.

Luca Baffigo, the chief executive of Eataly, a complex of Italian cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and a cooking school, said London’s status as “the real international European city” is what inspired the decision and was more important than the uncertainty created by Brexit. He said that:

“Visiting Borough Market before opening our first Eataly in Italy was a source of great inspiration for our concept. This is why opening in London for us is a very important and exciting milestone.”

Mr Baffigo said that around 300 people will work at the London branch, of which between 20 and 30 per cent are expected to be Italian. He said of the site near Liverpool Street station: “This is real London. It is not touristic.”

Mammia Mia- Let’s go!