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  /  Politics   /  Plan A Plus gives UK farmers and fisherman control from Brussels

Plan A Plus gives UK farmers and fisherman control from Brussels

Britain’s farmers overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union, and in doing so, provided a very clear instruction that their activities would be better placed outside the servitude of Brussels’ agricultural policies.

From the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the over burdening regulations on labelling and marketing, Britain’s famers and food producers have, for decades, been strait jacketed under a regulatory framework that has not worked in their interests. Their ability to make food production more efficient thereby allowing the potential to cut prices for consumers has been restricted in favour of EU sanctioned waste and inefficiency.

Our farmers’ vote to leave must herald a fresh and innovative approach to agricultural policy, however, the proposals contained under the Chequers plan, involve a permanent bond to the EU’s regulatory regime.

The subscription to a ‘Common Rulebook’ on agri-foods, certainly does not entail anything common. It is a complete adherence to the EU’s rules and regulations without any input into the direction of policy. Businesses would continue to be bound and dictated to by the EU as to whom they can import and export. More saliently, Chequers places our entire agricultural and food production industries under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and not under the oversight of British courts.

The IEA’s Plan A+ avoids the Chequers’ failing of our farmers. Plan A+ will scrap quotas and tariffs on produce not produced in the UK, not only allowing for cheaper produce from around the globe but increase consumer choice.

The gradual liberalising of tariffs, the United Kingdom would be adoptive of a fully independent trade policy for the first time in over 40 years which favours free trade and not the protectionist cartel of the EU’s customs union.
Plan A+ is the way forward to deliver on Brexit and give our farmers and fishermen back control of the future.