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  /  Economy   /  Relax ban and let people vape on buses and trains, MPs urge

Relax ban and let people vape on buses and trains, MPs urge

Bus and train companies should consider letting their passengers vape, MPs have said in a report.

The science and technology select committee said that misconceptions about the risks of e-cigarettes meant that the government was missing a chance to improve public health and urged it to consider relaxing regulations on the advertisement, sale, taxation and use of the devices to encourage more smokers to switch.

“Many businesses, public transport providers and other public places do not allow e-cigarettes in the same way that they prohibit conventional smoking,” the report said. “But, there is no public health — or fire safety — rationale for treating the use of the two products the same.”

Calling for a wider debate on how e-cigarettes should be dealt with in public places, the committee’s report recognised that many non-smokers found vapour “unpleasant” and said that liberalising restrictions “would result in non-vapers having to accommodate vapers”.

However, it said, forcing vapers in with smokers in shelters, for instance, “could undermine their efforts to quit”.