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Russian Olympic Teams no longer banned

Russia’s Olympic Membership ‘Restored’

Russia’s Olympic membership has been “fully restored” following its suspension from Pyeongchang 2018, according to the country’s Olympic Committee, the ROC.

Alleged state-sponsored doping caused the International Olympic Committee to ban Russia from competing in the February Winter Games. However, before Sunday’s closing ceremony in South Korea, the IOC said the ban would be lifted, as long as there we no further allegations of doping.

ROC president Alexander Zhukov welcomed the IOC’s “important” decision.

“The Russian Olympic Committee has had its rights fully restored,” he said on state TV on Wednesday.

A team of 168 Russians competed as part of a neutral ‘Olympic athlete from Russia’ (OAR) team at the Winter Olympics, but two failed drugs tests.

They had all been required to prove they were clean before the Games.

The OAR team was the third largest and won 17 medals, including two golds.

Russia is also banned from the 2018 Winter Paralympics in March but, again, some athletes will compete as neutrals.