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Theresa May Bungles Brexit

Typical Tories Bungle Brexit

Theresa May and her Tory Party have unfortunately failed to deliver for Britain, once again.

Cabinet agreed on Friday to support Mrs May’s proposed deal with the European Union, which would tie the UK to EU rules and regulations without any say in how they are formed.

The controversial plan, which stops short of the full Brexit we voted for two years ago, has resulted in a number of high profile resignations, including Brexit Secretary David Davis and the accident-prone Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson and David Davis

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned this week saying that Mrs May’s Brexit is a betrayal of those who voted to leave.

Instead of viewing Brexit as a chance to stand up for those who have been ignored by the establishment, May has decided to tie Britain to the rules and regulations set by the EU and influenced by big companies and the wealthy.

We must view Brexit as a chance to establish our own rules and regulations, especially when it comes to workers and union rights. It must be a chance for the House of Commons to work out what is best for our workers and trade unions so that the largely working class people who voted to leave the EU can feel like they have a voice once more.

What we have seen from the Tories is yet another attempt to promote big business. Companies such as Airbus, EasyJet and the big banks, who have all urged her to stick as closely to the EU as possible, are the only ones who have benefitted from the Prime Minister’s announcement on Friday.

In the 1970s, the UK was one of the most economically equal in Europe before it entered the EU. The only country that was perhaps more equal than us was Sweden. However, things have greatly changed since then.

Unite the Union

Unite the Union actively protests against the EU but the Tories seem incapable of listening to what they want.

Brexit is an opportunity to right these wrongs and move towards a more equal society. It must be a chance to stop the EU’s elimination of collective bargaining agreements in the name of competitiveness, to cease the deregulation of employment contracts and the promotion of zero-hours contracts and to bring an end to the EU’s anti-strike and anti-trade-union policy, which is only being used to drive down the cost of labour.

Nobody ever said that leaving the European Union would be the answer to all the problems of the UK and that we would emerge into a land flowing with milk and honey. But Brexit does make us responsible as a nation for our own destiny and furthermore compels our politicians to be more responsible for the welfare and strength of the country.

Mrs May has followed the typical path of the Tories, forgetting the 59% of working class people who voted to leave and only listening to the professionals in London who voted to remain in the UK. This was not the Brexit we voted for. If the Tories really were committed to the UK making the most of Brexit, they would listen to those who actually voted for it, who do not want a half in, half out option but rather a strong, decisive and full Brexit.