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These countries will pay more for our goods because they ‘trust Brand GB’

Brand GB may conjure up images of high-end fashion, or the occasional Union Jack-cladded teddy bear, but the branding remains so strong overseas, many nations will pay over the odds, because they ‘trust the UK.’

The news comes as the UK last week announced record breaking export figures for the year ending March 2018.

Despite the doom and gloom predicted, Britain actually exported £620.2 billion to other nations.

Research from Barclays Corporate Banking found that 64% of consumers in India, 57% in China, and 48% in the UAE were prepared to pay more for goods made in the UK, because they perceive the quality as higher.

A spokesperson said: “Working to promote the UK as a great trading nation, DIT has set up 14 trade working groups covering 21 countries to scope our future trade deals and strengthen commercial ties with key trading partners.”