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  /  Politics   /  Tony Blair contemplates return as part of new anti-Brexit centralist party

Tony Blair contemplates return as part of new anti-Brexit centralist party

Former PM Tony Blair has given his strongest indication yet he is willing to make a comeback into politics, in order to realign the political landscape and stop Brexit.

The Labour man said the UK was ‘in a pretty bad place’ because voters were being offered ‘two visions of the past’ in a clash of left-wing and right-wing populisms.

And he warned that the right was likely to win any such struggle, sending the country down ‘a very dark path’.

The intervention, at a think-tank event in London, came amid a renewed bout of speculation about a realignment across parties.

Mr Blair told the Resolution Foundation event that there was a need to ‘change the political conversation’ in the UK.

‘That’s the challenge right now,’ he said.

‘Because otherwise we have got two visions of the past competing as a way through to the future and that is really a pretty bad place for the country to be in.

He added: ‘We need to create a different policy agenda and construct out of that a new political coalition.

‘We need to become the change-makers but it has got to be change that corresponds to the modern world.

‘If it is not, we will end up with a fight between two kinds of populism, and out of that I fear the rightist populism will win and that will send us down a very dark path.’