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  /  Politics   /  Tony Blair wants to stop Brexit – what’s happened to the left and Brexit?

Tony Blair wants to stop Brexit – what’s happened to the left and Brexit?

Labour’s most successful ever leader has once more stated that Brexit shouldn’t happen. Or at least be delayed. Or watered down.

Blair said, at a speech in London, ”We should plan now for the possibility we need to extend the March 2019 deadline.

”Presently, we are drifting towards March 2019 with no clear negotiating position, no resolution of the Northern Ireland question, still vaguely hoping Europe will allow us access to the single market without abiding by its rules which it will never do, and with senior Cabinet members openly debating the merits of a negotiating position which “threatens” Europe with a no-deal Brexit.”

The anti-Brexit sentiments shared by the likes of Blair, Campbell, Mandelson and other remnants of new Labour is not publicly expressed by the current more left-wing Labour mob; they instead plump for ambiguity, a sort of one size will hopefully please everyone approach.

It wasn’t always this way, there was a time when the true left hated the EU. Hated it because it was undemocratic, unaccountable, in favour of big business, capitalist, federal and out of touch with normal people.

Will the left ever be brave enough to take this stand again?  Or will it let Blair be its official spokesperson forever?