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  /  Politics   /  Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns Resigns from Government Role to “Fight for Brexit”
Andrea Jenkyns Resigns

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns Resigns from Government Role to “Fight for Brexit”

Andrea Jenkyns resigned yesterday as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Ministry for Housing in order to “fight for Brexit”.

Announcing her resignation via a statement, Ms Jenkyns stressed the significance of her committee work on the Committee for Exiting the European Union. She directly pointed to a bias on the committee in favour of remain, which she said must be addressed if Brexit is to be a success.

“Currently, there are 21 members on the Brexit committee, only 7 of which voted to leave the EU. It is my opinion that the reports produced by the committee have been unbalanced in favour of us either remaining in the EU, the customs union or delaying our departure. I, therefore, feel I need to spend more of my time doing all I can do to correct this imbalance and be a robust voice for the benefits of Brexit.”

The member for Morley and Outwood, who is a advocate for the Eurosceptic organisation Leave Means Leave, stressed that she had made a commitment to her constituents to fight for Brexit and that she wants to be free to speak out on the backbenches on issues that are relevant the people that elected her into the Parliament.

Nevertheless, she said that Prime Minister Theresa May still has her “full support in delivering the Brexit that she promised the British people.” But this did come with a caveat and that was Mrs May must pledge to leave the customs union, saying that Britain cannot be “half in, half out.”

Her resignation will come as a shock to Downing Street, as it is the first Brexit casualty and comes at a time when Mrs May is trying to fight off a rebellion.