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  /  Economy   /  ‘UK-Canada trade deal will be easy’ says Canadian PM
UK Canada trade deal

‘UK-Canada trade deal will be easy’ says Canadian PM

In a timely boost to the UK’s trade delegation, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has announced a deal between the two nations should be agreed ‘fairly easily.’

The news comes as Brexit Secretary David Davis will this week announce that the UK’s trade will ‘become much more global’ post Brexit.

In an interview with The Times, Mr Trudeau said that agreement  ‘is obviously a deal that was designed for the entire European Union’.

‘There will be things in Ceta that are no longer as necessary between Canada and the UK and there’d be other areas where we would be interested in going further.’

He added: ‘The rolled-over or specific Ceta arrangement between Canada and the UK is just the floor, or the first step.”After that, we very much look forward to negotiating an even better or larger or more impactful deal to encourage the deepening of trade ties between Canada and the UK.’