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  /  Lifestyle   /  WhatsApp? Oh, it’s a message from fate: Couple wed after mistaken message
Couple Marry after meeting on WhatsApp

WhatsApp? Oh, it’s a message from fate: Couple wed after mistaken message

Who needs Tinder Anymore?

After an accidental message to the wrong person, Michael Evangelou and Lina Dahlbeck have taken the ultimate plunge.

Last year Lina Dahlbeck, 37 from south London, received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, understandably she assumed it was sent by mistake.

The message, which read “Girls Trip”, was sent by Michael Evangelou, 44, from Colliers Wood in south London, to a number he thought was his own as a reminder to see the film at the cinema.

What a surprise therefore when he received a response from a number he presumed to be his own. Lina responded saying “Hi! Girls trip? Who’s this please? I’m guessing this was intended for another Lina.”

 So then lo-and-behold:

“It wasn’t a hint at all but he said: ‘Let’s do it then. Let’s get married.’

Just two weeks after their first date, Michael asked Lina to marry him

“I asked him if he was serious and he assured me that he was. He said: ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Lina.’

“Even though we were just sitting at home with the television on, it felt romantic. I knew I wanted to marry him.”

This adorable couple married on December 7 in front of 30 guests at Morden Park House, South West London with very supportive parents by their side. However, they do admit some friends and family had mixed reactions about the style and speed of the relationship.

“Most of our friends thought we were a bit nuts but they agreed that if it’s right you know and there are no guarantees in this life,” Dahlbeck said.

“My parents and Michael’s parents were delighted. I had already met his mum but because my parents live in Sweden, they didn’t meet Michael until the day before the wedding.

“They were happy for us – they did think it was quick but they didn’t question it.”

Seven months later, Dahlbeck and Evangelou can’t believe how much their lives have changed at the hands of one mistaken message and still enjoy sharing their ‘how we met story’ with friends.

In March, the couple are jetting off to Dubai where Dahlbeck aims to launch a make-up school and with children also on the cards the couple insist that their story is a lesson to others not to give up on love.

This little love story goes to show that tinder isn’t the only way you can find love on your phone.